Welcome to Sankt Knud Lavard school!

Sankt Knud Lavard School in Kgs. Lyngby is an independent Catholic- Christian school, established in 1954. Today the school has about 200 pupils, divided into 10 Danish classes.
The Danish Department covers the 0th- 10th grades of the Danish school curriculum.

Sankt Knud Lavard School is a private, Christian/Catholic, co-educational establishment. It is recognized by and subject to, Danish law and receives a subsidy from the Danish State.

The school is a member of “Danmarks Privatskoleforening” (The Association of...) and the Association of Catholic Schools in Denmark (FAKS).

The School is managed by a Board of Governors consisting of 5 members and is a non-profit making institution.

The day to day running of the school is managed by a team of 2 leaders. Aims: For our school particular emphasis is placed upon mutual understanding and respect among the many nationalities.

The education given is, above all, in the Christian spirit; great importance is placed upon the religious and moral development of the individual student. Religious Awareness programmes are offered to all students. Roman Catholics are given separate instruction.

The local Parish Church of Sankt Knud Lavard is an integrated part of the school buildings and is used by the school for both Catholic and Ecumenical services. In addition to this, the Protestant pupils attend services in Lyngby Kirke close to our school.

It is not always possible to find places at the school for all who seek admission. It is advisable to apply early, and children must be 5 years old by 1st. October before they can be admitted. Before admission all parents are called to an interview by the Headmaster.


We value community life, yet see every individual as a unique human being and we believe in making sure every child is seen and heard. Every day we encourage our pupils to progress academically, while providing important life skills.

We believe that curiosity and creativity are essential parts of an individual ́s self-development and we ensure that all our pupils have a good schooling, by creating a healthy learning environment.